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Robot Selector

UI/UX Design, 2019 - KUKA Robotics

KUKA supplies industrial robots for factories across the globe, most notably in Germany. Among their clients are car manufacturers, such as Daimler, and medical facilities.

As an in-house designer at KUKA, I was the lead designer for Robot Selector, a part of the KUKA Compose experience that eases the process of selecting, analyzing, and programming robots. I redesigned the initial version to accommodate adding additional payloads for analysis, re-formatted the PDF reports to focus more on the data, and designed concepts for a mobile app.

I worked with a squad of a product manager, back-end developer, front-end developer, and tech doc writer to launch it in October 2019.

Robot Selector Clickthrough

Main problems

Adding the main payload data for each robot was cumbersome.

The current layout didn't work well for adding additional separate payloads.

Robot Selectos initial layout

Robot Selector's initial layout

The initial layout was fine for simple analyses with one load case. But it wasn't designed for adding more complex payload data.

I designed a few iterations of how to lay out the analysis page to accommodate adding more data. They included using accordions and nested modules that housed more detailed data.

The final design for the analysis page used a similar layout to the robot selection page: parameters on the left and results on the right.

On the first page, users choose what robots they want to use in their analysis. They can filter the full list of robots by application, max load, how far it can reach, etc.

Once they choose up to 3 robots, they move to the analysis page where they specify the load that will be on the robot, and the software will calculate whether the robot is approved or overloaded for that load.

Robot Selector - Parameters
Robot Selector - Analysis


I wasn't able to see this product in use before leaving KUKA, but initial engineer feedback was overall positive. They felt this design made the data more prominent and easy to edit compared to the original software.

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