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The September Sketchbook

This month's Sketchbook comes on the heels of my Labor Day vacation. I spent about a week in Chicago for some much-needed rest, and now I feel more rejuvenated and creative...while also looking forward to my next vacation. I hope you're finding time to rest when you can!


I just finished reading The Power of Habit, and it got me thinking, what are my habits, and do I want them to stay as my habits? What cues, routines, and rewards govern my life? And for the habits I want to change, what are better routines that will give me the same reward? Highly recommend this book if you want to better understand why you do certain things, and how you can change them.

Where do I put the button?? (Premium Medium article)

If you ever wondered where to put buttons in your designs, this in-depth article answers that question.

I wrote an article! Read about my 4-step process for analyzing user research. It has gotten a lot of claps so far so it seems to be resonating! :D

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