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The November Sketchbook

Happy November! I can't believe it's almost the end of 2022 😱. It seems like 2020 was only yesterday, and here we are, about to head into 2023. For this month's Sketchbook, I thought I'd share just 3 things this time, an interesting book and 2 articles.

📚 How cultish groups use language - This was a random library find and a super interesting book to read. I'm somewhat of a language enthusiast, so learning about how groups use language to form an in-group and out-group was fascinating. It led me to reflect on how I use language in the communities I'm in. And also help me recognize when a group of people is a cult or just cultish.

📝 Down with Lorem Ipsum - I definitely overuse lorem ipsum text in my designs as a placeholder when I don't want to think about the actual content. But this article offers another way to think about placeholder text that could be more useful and efficient for your design teams. Instead of writing gibberish or quasi-final content, think about what the intent of your content is.

🖼 The evolution of a portfolio - Since creating my first portfolio to get into college, my portfolios have gone through an interesting evolution. Read about how my portfolio aesthetic has shifted over the years.

Hope your fall is going well as head to end of 2022!

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