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The August Sketchbook: A love letter to design, learn how to use yellow in UI design, and more

Starting in August, I'm going to try my version of a newsletter for my Sketchbook blog. Once a month on the first Wednesday, I'll post up to four of the following content:

  • Design article(s) I found interesting

  • Articles I wrote

  • A product I'm selling

  • A personal project

  • A client project, if I can share it

  • A book I'm reading

  • Inspiring quote or verse

  • Cool work by other designers

  • Other things that I just want to share

I'll still post process posts about what I'm doing, but I figured this could be a neat, regular way to share things that I'm doing and learning. And support some other designers too.

Hope you enjoy!


I've started a book called Beginners: The Joy and Transformative Power of Lifelong Learning, and it's inspired me to try something new. So I signed up for a floral arrangement class this month. Keep a look out on my Instagram to see how it goes.

Yellow is SUCH a difficult color to work with. You want to use it's sunny joyfulness but it's not accessible. Or you want it to clearly be a warning but it's not working for you. I know in my work in some admin tools, it's difficult to make a consistent traffic light color scheme that's accessible and well-designed. Read this article by Lodestar Design to see how to better use yellow in UI design.

Ever designing my website (you're already here!)

As a designer, my website always seems to be in a beta phase. I thought I'd give it a little refresh. I added a home page that tells people more about what I do and added some more work to give you a better idea of what I've done. Send me a note to let me know what you think!

I like to write, so I thought to reflect a bit on the invisible designs in my life. Starting with a short love letter to tea kettles.

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