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Infinite Hope 2022 Rebrand

You might have seen my Infinite Hope 2020/2021 designs in my main portfolio. Richardson and now Keene Seventh-day Adventist Church have been repeat clients, and it's been great working with them to build the Infinite Hope brand.

This year, the ask was to do a re-brand of sorts. I'd still use the original guidelines I created two years ago, but I'd give it a visual refresh.

The words my client wanted to evoke in this new brand were:

  • Ethereal

  • Spiritual

  • Wisdom

  • Organic

Think of the scripture in Ecclesiastes where Solomon writes how life is like a vapor, like chasing after the wind. Or how Jesus in John 3 describes the Holy Spirit as a wind. Someone you can't see or touch, but who's affect is observable and obvious.

With these ideas, I then went through my processes for defining the problem and iterating on some solutions.


Pinterest is my digital mood-board, so I started gathering images that looked like the words above. I gravitated towards images with gradients and organic curved lines. I felt like they represented the aura my client was going for.


In order to give my client a better feel for how these ideas would look in an Infinite Hope setting, I came up with two main themes and then mocked up some key designs (presentation slide, Facebook banner, Instagram quote, and sticker) in those themes.

Ethereal Aura

  • Soft, organic gradients using the brand colors

  • Organic shapes when applicable

  • Contrasted with more structured typography

Hand-drawn strokes

  • Simple, hand-drawn illustrations and organic lines

  • Organic-like typography

Bonus combo

Then I thought, well, why not combine them? They're pretty similar and they probably work together well.

We'll see how the client likes them and what direction I'll end up going in. Maybe it'll be something completely different in the end.

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