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DivySci Product Rebrand

UI/UX Design, 2022 - DivySci

DivySci provides a platform powered by AI to give analytics and recommendations for people to improve their workplace communication.

I was the solo product designer working with the start-up founder to update the product using their new brand.

I focused on translating the new brand into a clear and cohesive UI design to use across the product.

Before I started working with DivySci, they had created an initial prototype for testing and to give users an idea of how to use the product.


They had just gotten a rebrand that needed to be implemented on their product.

Initial product designs

I reviewed their new brand guidelines and used them to design a series of UI components, typography, and main colors.

A series of components for DivySci
Typography and icons for DivySci
Colors for DivySci

After designing the Figma components, I used them to create designs for the four main screens for DivySci:

  • Overview - Shows analytics on the user's written and verbal interactions.

  • Integrations - Shows which apps have DivySci integrated into them.

  • Text Feedback - Allows users to test text responses for bias.

  • Recommendations - Shows personalized communication recommendations based on analytics


It was exciting to update the UI with something modern, fresh, and put together. This project was ultimately for a product preview at a conference, so it's subject to change later, but it was a great exercise in using the new branding on the product.

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