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What past clients and collaborators are saying

I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with Kira. She is extremely communicative and easy to collaborate with. We were able to brainstorm ideas together, discuss research findings, and strategize on how to reach our next milestone in the project. Being new to the UX design industry, I'm thankful for her encouragement and design expertise.

Maria P

Kira was extremely important in the UX process for several of our clients. She always took initiative, provided quality insight, and was incredibly responsive! She was great asset to our team, and I'd definitely recommend her!

Sara R

Kira has been excellent to work with. Her expertise in user experience design has aided our studio in producing thoughtful, thorough, and detailed work for our clients. She’s provided real value to our team and it has been great to have her as a collaborator.

Ivan R

Freelance designer